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3 Ways To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is usually the most challenging time of year in terms of fitness. With the excess of rich foods, sweet treats and time away from the gym one might find it difficult to moderate their urges. If you’ve been working hard over the last 6-12 months, the last thing you want is to lose sight on your goals. Trying to completely avoid certain foods can backfire and push you to eat more than you anticipated. To avoid this catastrophe, below are 3 major tips to making the holiday season work for you and keep you on track with your goals.

1. Train before meals

With the unpredictable nature of the holiday season, it;s very likely that your gym time will be replaced or forgotten. To ensure you get an exercise routine in, even if its just for 20 minutes, do it first thing in the morning.

If you can, do an intense workout right before any big meals. This way you wont feel guilty about eating more than you normally would. If you lift, You’ll simply be replenishing those depleted glycogen stores with delicious holiday food. make sure the meal includes some protein! Give your muscles the building blocks they need to grow. Eat protein first, and then move on to carbs and fat to ensure your muscles don’t go hungry.

2. Healthy appetisers

If you are attending a christmas get together that requests you to provide a dish or you’re the host of your own party, create a healthy option that you fancy in a festive way. For example – a fruit arrangement in the shape of a christmas tree or a healthy favourite dish of yours that will not only keep you on track and satisfied.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water will make you feel satisfied faster which means you are less likely to overeat. It also helps in curbing the fact that our brain can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day, and be sure to have two big glasses of water before the filling, calorie-rich meals. For flavoured beverages opt for fresh fruit juices or something low in calories and sugar.


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