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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to go to the Gym

I’ll go tomorrow…

I’m too tired…

It’s too late…

I feel like KFC…
If the above sound all too familiar, we’ve put together 5 very motivating reasons why you should jump into the Stadium Gym.



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2. SPICEMAS 2016


If you’re playing pretty mas this year, you’ll probably want a toned body to compliment your carnival costume. Having a date to work towards can really help you plan your schedule and develop a regime. And remember, it’s not just about the body, a regular gym routine will help to develop your breathing and overall fitness levels, so you won’t have to drop out of Monday Night Mass at the first mile or pass out at Soca Monarch.

3. Bring Everything You’ll Need to Work


If you change into your exercise gear before you leave the office you’ll feel ready for fitness and committed to working out. Better yet, why not leave some of your essential workout gear at the office. It will eliminate the chances of you getting home, crashing out and coming up with all the excuses above and more.

4. Set a Goal


Set a weekly target that will motivate you to challenge yourself. Even if it starts off as a bet with a fellow gym partner, hitting your targets will make you feel accomplished. So whether it be to ‘lose 2lbs by Friday’ or ‘add 5kg to your bench press in 5 days’ our Stadium Gym has everything you’ll need to achieve those goals.

5. Find a Training Partner

Having a fitness buddy is probably one of the best motivating factors to get you into the gym. We seek companionship with most things in life, whether it be socialising with friends or quality time with a loved one, so it makes perfect sense to embark on your fitness journey with a determined friend. What’s great is you can both give each other a mutual kick when either of you start slacking. At the Stadium Gym we have a great social atmosphere so you might just find that fitness friend right here.

We hope you are more motivated to say…

I’ll go today! 

I’ll find the energy. 

There’s enough time.

Let me make or eat a healthy snack.


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