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About GNSA

The management of the facilities is vested in the Grenada National Stadium Authority (GNSA) as a Statutory Body of the Government of Grenada and includes the management of the stadia. Based on Act No. 24 of 1999, the Board of Directors is appointed by the Government of Grenada with responsibility for the implementation of policy regarding the use and management of the stadia as deemed by the Minister.

Board Members

  • Mr. Devon Charles – Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Denis Felix – Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Andre Donald
  • Mr. Francis Mahon
  • Ms. Jacinta Joseph
  • Mr. Patrick Louison
  • Ms. Sabina Gibbs
  • Mr. Troy Garvey
  • Mr. Victor Daniel

Vision Statement

To be self-sustainable by becoming the premier sporting and entertainment venue in the region

Mission Statement

To provide a world-class facility for cricket, football, athletics, entertainment and other sporting, corporate and social events by having a well-managed, well equipped, properly maintained, customer friendly and self-sustainable facility that exceeds the needs of our various stakeholders.

The main objectives and goals of the Authority in accordance with the Grenada National Stadium Authority Act of 1999 are as follows:

  • To promote the maximum utilisation of the stadia
  • To ensure that the stadia are fully utilised in the promotion of sports tourism in Grenada.
  • To collaborate with other organisations for the development of sports throughout Grenada
  • To render such assistance as may be necessary to other organisations engaged in holding sporting activities and other events at the Stadia

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