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Conference Facilities

If you’re looking for a place to host a meeting, conference, wedding or expo, then look no further than our internationally recognised venue. Our National Stadia are air-conditioned and boast panoramic views of our capital city, St. George and overlook our well-maintained grounds. Our conference services include chairs, dressed tables, water, podiums, Wi-Fi, microphones and helpful staff who are on-hand to cater to your needs. What’s more, your guests can enjoy hassle free parking facilities in a secure environment.

We have 7 main conference rooms and 10 suites to suit the needs of a diverse range of events. Our rental prices range from EC$ 275 – EC$525 daily. Rooms can also be rented on a monthly basis, with rates that ranges from EC$1200 – EC$1500 exclusive of VAT.

NB: Customers please be informed that the size of the room and additional requirements such as catering, skirting and PA systems, will determine the final price of the room.

Name of Room Seating Style Number of Persons
Hospitality Center Theatre 250
Horse shoe 60
Classroom 60
Player Level 1 Theatre 90
Horse shoe 30 – 40
Circular / Round table 40
Media Level 1 Theatre 70
Horse-shoe 25 – 35
Circular 32
VIP Lounge Theatre 35
Horse shoe 18 – 24
Board Room 16
West Wing Theatre 35
Horse shoe 18 – 24
Board Room 16
East Wing Theatre 35
Horse shoe 18 – 24
Board Room 16
Player Level 3 Theatre 30 – 40
Board room 25
Horse-shoe 18 – 22
Circular 24
Medium size Suites Theatre 40
Horse shoe 25 – 30
Circular 20
Small Suites Theatre 30
Horse-shoe 15 – 20
Circular 15
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